We are here to help You

As a professional manufacturer, we provide best service to reach with your problems & requirements.We look forward to assisting you. If you have any questions, we will happy to help at every step along the way. XPIA-I will be your reliable business partner!

  • Product training to the Dealers.
  • Complete service support.
  • Technical support.
  • Guidance for the demonstration of the products.
  • Better relation with Parent Companies enables faster replacement of products.
  • Advertising and promotional support.
  • We have started expanding our horizon and hence we create awareness of our products to corporate, Builders, Hotels, industry & govt. sector.

New customer who would like to know more about our product can mail us at info@xpia-i.com

XPIA-I offers 12 months warranty to the customer from the date of original purchase at our works / service centre unless otherwise specified, during this period, the company will provide free of cost service both labour and spares and undertake to repair or replace a component of the equipment, if found to be malfunctioning because of any faulty material or defective workmanship and not due to improper use of faulty electric power supply / wrong connection / over-voltage/short circuit. The warranty issued is subject to the following terms and conditions